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Q&A: A Day in the Life of a Student Athlete, Adrieanna Ramos (#10), Midfielder

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Midfielder Adrieanna Ramos. Photo by Tosin Ogunnoiki.

By: Tosin Ogunnoiki

The C: What’s the start of the day like for an athlete?

AR: “For me, I always have to start my day off with motivational music. I listen a lot of Martin Garricks, Journey, and Eminem.”

The C: I know playing soccer can be a physically demanding sport, what’s your diet like during the season?

AR: ”Well, during the season I eat a lot of chicken, salad, and lots of water. NO SODA! NO FAST FOOD!”

The C: And when you’re not eating healthy?

AR: Five Guys Burger Joint (Laughs)

The C: Being a student-athlete, how do you maintain a high level of body work on the field and in the classroom?

AR: “I honestly couldn’t tell you an exact thing. Just time management and finding the balance.”

The C: What’s practice like for you?

AR: “Our coaches do a great job with mixing it up, so we never know what we’re in for (laughs). It is always different.”

The C: Alright, take us to game day. What’s going through your head? How do you prepare for games?

AR: “Of course, it starts at practice the week leading up to the game, and usually when game time is near, I’m listening to music trying to stay focused on the team we are playing.”

The C: What’s a part of your game you’re always looking to improving on and how?

AR: “My conditioning could always be better. I run suicides (sprints) and a mile a day. Swimming also helps.”

The C: What’s a strength you have that you always build on?

AR: “I would have to say my footwork.”

The C: Any athletes you aspire to be like?

AR: “Alex Morgan.” (Forward for USA’s Women’s Soccer team)

The C: After a long day of school and practice, how do you end the day?

AR: “I’m usually in bed by 10, and music of course!”

The C: Lastly, what is soccer to you?

AR: “In short, it’s everything. It’s providing an education for me and letting me be something. It’s helping my parents out a lot financially because of my scholarship that I received from playing for so long. I love it.”

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