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The Dynamic Trio: “Moving Georgia Forward”

By: Ruth Green

The 2014 General Election is quickly approaching, and there are three Democratic candidates who have made education a major issue for Georgia: Connie Stokes for Lieutenant Governor, Jason Carter for Governor and Michelle Nunn for U.S. Senate.

Stokes has many years of political experience in Georgia as a senator and county commissioner. She has a consistent track record advocating for women, jobs and education.

In a recent Daily Tribune article by Jason Lowrey, she advocates strongly for education stating “the state needed to bring back 9000 teachers who have been furloughed.”

(By furloughed teachers, she meant classroom overcrowding.)

According to Stokes’ campaign website, another main goal is to bring back the HOPE Scholarship.

HOPE has been fading in recent years, meaning more students are currently unable to afford college.

Her role as Lieutenant Governor calls for her to work closely with the governor, making her an influential force in forming state policies and setting spending pri- orities, says the official website for the state of Georgia.

Listed in the January issue of Creative Loafing as “One of the 20 People to Watch in 2014,” Nunn is the Democratic candidate for the US Senate.

Nunn has a very strong stance on education and its importance in propelling Georgia forward.

A graduate of the University of Virginia, she has also studied abroad at Oxford and in India, facts listed in The Washington Post’s “Five Things to Know about Michelle Nunn.”

In the “Overview and Principles” segment on her campaign site, Nunn discusses her position on education at great length.

She speaks about college access, affordability and is adamant that “…from preschool to graduate school we must continue to promote STEM courses and encourage students to pursue STEM careers.”

The Democratic candidate in the upcoming race for Governor of Georgia is Jason Carter.

His stance on education mirrors that of Stokes and Nunn in that he strongly believes education is key to the economic development of Georgia.

In a recent article by Chuck Williams of the Inquirer Ledger, Jason Carter stated he “liked his chances to unseat Republican incumbent Nathan Deal in the November election.”

According to Carter’s campaign website, “Deal’s administration has slashed billions of dollars from public education causing the furloughing in teachers, which of course means less individual atten- tion for struggling students.”

Carter believes that “Education is key to economic development.”

He has a plan that will ensure a separate education budget making investment in education a top priority.

On his campaign website Jason Carter carefully spells out his plan:

-K-12 Funding

-HOPE Scholarship

-Early Childhood Education

-Supporting Our Teachers Workshop

According to his campaign website, Carter feels that “the biggest drain on our economy is the dismantling of our education sys- tem.”

Education is the one of the issues these three Democratic candidates agree can boost Georgia’s economy for generations to come.

The collective vision of these politicians is needed for the implementation of laws and funds that will guarantee the rebuilding of Georgia’s educational system.

It is important that we as students, and as US citizens, get out and vote on Nov. 4.

Stokes, Nunn and Carter are running on a ticket from which we as students can benefit.

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