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The Life of a College Student

By: Azka Iqbal

After high school, college seems like a dream. Classes are optional, almost everyone has a car and the time spent in class is shorter. This can be a curse if one does not know how to handle this freedom. The key is to stay balanced.

You should always attend your classes. Since you only meet twice a week, more material is covered.

It may be tempting to ignore the blaring alarm, but imagine missing the one class the professor actually takes attendance.

It can be so tempting to ditch class and go hang out with friends, especially when it seems like they all have breaks while you are stuck in class. Just remember that your friends will understand; your professors probably won’t.

The sign of a healthy mind is a healthy body. How can one expect to do well in school being tired and sick all the time?

Sleep is something that college students tend to get too little of. Although sleeping may not be a priority compared to completing your homework, try to get as much sleep as you possibly can. Strive for about seven to eight hours a day. If it helps, take power naps throughout the day to stay refreshed.

Exercise is also important. Keep your body in shape order to keep your mind alert and relieve stress.

Round out your college life by filling in your free time with volunteering, a job or perhaps a hobby.

All in all, just strive to make the most of your time in college.

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