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“R-A-P-E. Get your filthy hands off me.”

Do not ignore or endure sexual abuse.

By: Rangadevi Chakraborty

You’re walking to the parking lot elevator, trying to remember where you parked your car this morning.

Craving a cup of hot chocolate and a movie, you step into the elevator.

Right before the elevator doors close, a scruffy looking man hushes himself inside. You don’t think much of it, until the doors close, and you hear his raspy, loud breathing. He first grabs your phone and throws it in the corner, and then presses you in the corner with the buttons.

While he forces himself on you, you hope that when the elevator reaches your level, there’ll be someone who will hear your muffled screams. With your one free hand you try to press all the buttons, and the elevator stops at every single one of them.

But every time the door opens, there is no one to save you; his attack doesn’t stop. When he’s finally done, after what seems a lifetime, he leaves you on the sticky floor like a shivering pile of trash and hurriedly walks away.

Although this may seem like a scene from a melodramatic sitcom, the sad reality is that many people in this “civilized” society still have to endure the violent intrusion of rape.

According to the statistics the Governor’s Office has published, chances of something like this happening to a woman are about 1 in 5. Statistics for men are not included.

The rape centers in Georgia have reported that about 80 percent of all rape victims are under the age of 25 and are therefore likely to include many college students.

They also believe that less than five percent of (attempted) sexual assaults on college campuses are ever reported to law enforcement, thus suggesting that their numbers might be a lot higher in actuality.

It is very reasonable to believe this to be because the victims feel somewhat scared of ramifications or a sense of affection for the assaulter.

Fact is that the 24 Sexual Assault Centers in Georgia have said that 70 percent of the victims knew their perpetrators and/or had a certain relationship with them.

There are many long-term psychological effects of rape that can influence your behavior throughout your life, or that can linger under the surface until there’s another event that’ll catalyze them back into your memory.

The damage to body and spirit caused by rape has been linked to many societal problems such as homelessness, escalated suicide rates, crime and/or teen pregnancies, says the Women’s Resource Center.

Often, rape victims believe they’ll get over it eventually, but reality is exactly the opposite. Experts believe the mind after the event of a sexual assault is like a fresh wound, and when it goes untreated, it’ll become infected and hurt you more than the rape itself did.

If you or anyone you know is or ever has been the victim of sexual abuse, contact any of the resources listed in the article. Please tell someone.

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