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Sports Briefs

By: Tosin Ogunnoiki

Women’s Soccer

The Lady Jags capped their 2014 season with a tough road loss against South Georgia State 5-1.

Although the Lady Jags fell to losses in their last three games of the season, the team showed much momentum and talent moving into next year. Head coach, Bruno Kalonji, has a nice cast of returning experience.

Freshman Defender Lindsey Davis, Goalie Aubrey Bush, and Forward Yvonne Miggins all look towards 2015 to shine and to improve upon the team’s 2014 seasons. GO JAGS!

Men’s Soccer

Our very own GPC Jags finish the 2014 season strong with one that’s sure to be in the history books.

The Men’s soccer team went undefeated for the first time in GPC’s history ending the season off with a flawless record of 14- 0-1.

The last game of the season resulted in a draw 2-2 in a heated region match-up against rival soccer club Darton State.

The top scorers, freshmen Forwards Krishen Patel and Anel Ramic, scored a goal each with both goals assisted by freshman striker, Reece Weldon.

As the 2014 season draws to a close and the 2015 season approaches, Perimeter’s young team and Head Coach Marc Zagara are eager to turn right back around to repeat a perfect season.

Zagara boasts a hefty return of all but five players on the current roster, including star striker, Weldon, who led the entire (NJCAA) in game-winning goals.

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