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St. Nick’s Project: Volunteer this holiday season

By: Evie Palmer

This holiday season, the Atlanta Dream Center will be hosting its annual toy giveaway, the St. Nick’s Project, on Dec. 20 at 10 a.m.

They will kick off the event at the Atlanta Dream Center, where hundreds of volunteers from across metro Atlanta will gather at 635 Angier Ave.

Afterwards, the volunteers will proceed out into the community and flood the homes of the Old Fourth Ward with gifts and holiday cheer. The St. Nick’s Project will be handing out over 6,000 toys to hundreds of lower income families who live in the inner city.

The founder of the Atlanta Dream Center, Paul Palmer, states, “The St. Nick’s Project is the highlight of the year, over 700 volunteers bringing gifts to the living rooms of children who are living in poverty, who wouldn’t normally experience a Christmas with gifts under the tree.”

The Atlanta Dream Center makes a point to even go to rougher areas to deliver gifts.

A mother impacted by the St. Nick’s Project exclaims,“It has been especially hard raising two children alone, and I didn’t know how I was going to provide a Christmas with gifts for my children, since I don’t have a job. However, the Atlanta Dream Center knocked on my door and showered my family with more than enough toys! We are so blessed!”

The St. Nick’s Project cannot de- termine who will be more affected this holiday season, the ones bringing Christmas to the streets, or the recipients of the gifts. Although one thing is for certain, the heart of Christmas will travel across the city of Atlanta this season.

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