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You’re in the home stretch

Tips on how to stay focused at the end of the semester

By: Evie Palmer

Most students can agree that we don’t have enough time. This is especially true if we have other obligations besides college classes.

According to last year’s GPC records, the average age of a GPC student was 25!

So, according to that information, it is highly probable that a good portion of college students have other responsibilities besides classes and studying.

That is why it is very crucial that we prioritize our time, especially during this final stretch of the semester.

1. Make a list

To keep us on track, as simple as it sounds, we should write down our most pressing obligations, and finish those first. Then, once our primary goals are completed, we can start our secondary responsibilities. This will help us to avoid multi-tasking, which will enable us to utilize our time better, as we focus on one endeavor at a time.

2. No shortcuts

Shortcuts may seem helpful at the moment, but can hurt us in the long-run. For instance, it may seem more beneficial to rush through our course material, but if we don’t retain the information, we will have to review that same curriculum over again. So, we might as well take our time while studying in order to save time.

Another specific example of “taking shortcuts” is cheating and breaking the Honesty Academic Policy. It may seem like a minor offense, but it can actually be detrimental to us students if we allow ourselves to com- promise in this area. And, we have to remember that our main objective is not just completing the areas of study, but to grow in knowledge.

3. Limit social media

In order to be more productive, we should be more intentional with our time on the Internet. Continuously looking at our phone, texting, checking Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., can really add up! While we are studying or preparing for our final exams, it is important to keep our phones out-of-sight and out-of-mind, in order to have less distractions and to keep us on task.

4. Avoid procrastination

Finally, to properly manage our time, we should avoid waiting until the last minute when completing an assignment or studying for a final. Procrastinating is not a smart decision because it doesn’t leave any room for something to go wrong. And trust me, things can easily go wrong! I have postponed obligations many times, and I have missed deadlines because I didn’t have time to adequately prepare, because I waited too long to get started.

Although we can’t add time to our busy schedules, we can manage our time more effectively, so that we can keep our focus this semester.

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