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Grammy Nominations Review 2015

By Jabril Titus

Award season is fast approaching and the most well-known music award show is right around the corner: the Grammy’s. Lists are already circulating with “the surprises and snubs” of the nominations.

Many of our peers, social media blogs and websites feel like this year’s awards nominations were simply inaccurate.

The Grammy nominations are selected by a committee who watches from behind-the-scenes and selects the artist who they feel should be nominated for: “Best Album,” “Record of the Year” and so forth.

Of course, albums sales, popularity and a spot on the billboard plays a big role, but we must not forget that music should be judged on talent.

Popularity or a hit song will not last forever.

“Record of the Year”

Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Sia, Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor were this year’s nominees. It is clear that these songs were nominated because of popularity.

It was determined by how many people were ranting and raving about how good these songs were on social media.

“Fancy,” “Stay With Me,” “All About That Bass” and “Shake it Off ” were catchy. I get it, but these songs are no way in shape or form memorable, talent excellent, or groundbreaking.

“Album of the Year”

“Album of the Year” consists of some good artists and albums, but once again, some were left out. I don’t know if “Album of The Year” is also known as “Pop and Rock Album of the Year,” because many other genres were left out.

Many R&B songs were left out of most of the categories and were made into their own.

“Best Rap Album”

I don’t even know why Iggy Azalea is in this category. I personally do not consider her one of the great rappers of our generation. Her songs seem to belong more in the Pop category than in this cat- egory.

Enough rap albums were excluded from this year’s list. The music industry is in dire need of a change.

Tune into the 2015 Grammys Feb. 8 on CBS to decide for yourselves.

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