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Killing Earth with your carbon footprint

By: Ruth Green

According to green-living websites, ecomii.com and zerowasteamerica.com, carbon footprinting is an estimate of how much carbon dioxide is produced to support our lifestyles. The national average for someone in the US is 7.5 tons per year.

From what I know about carbon footprinting, it would be virtually impossible for it to be completely eliminated.

Still, there are ways in which we can significantly reduce it and its impact on the planet.

Carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, is a colorless, odorless gas that is present in the atmosphere.  Not only do humans release it  during respiration, carbon dioxide is also produced by the decay of organic matter and recycled again to be used by plants during photosynthesis.

Adopting a green lifestyle doesn’t need to be a traumatic, life-altering event. There are simple, yet highly effective things that can be done to bring exponential improvements to our lives and most importantly, to the environment.

It seems that Earth is the only one of its kind, and I for one would like for it to be around for many generations to come.

For that to be a reality, however, we all need to make a conscious effort to reduce our consumption of energy, to use more eco-friendly products and to think often about how our use of products adds to our carbon footprint.

To do this, the first thing that you could do is make a conscious decision to create more eco-friendly lifestyles for you and your family.

To quote Green Diva Meg, “I strive to be more conscious about everything I do and the potential impact it has on me, my family, my community, animals and ultimately the earth.”

Being conscious means making a concerted effort everyday to embrace a green ethic.

One thing that can greatly reduce carbon footprinting is eliminating the use of bottled water, which can cost about 10,000 times more than the cost of tap or filtered water.

By using your own container, something I’ve been doing now for a number of years, 500 dollars can be saved annually by making this simple adjustment to your everyday life.

If you do not have a water filtering system built into your refrigerator, you can purchase a Brita water system for pennies at any thrift store such as Goodwill and Last Chance or retail shops such as Target.

I have gotten into the habit of never leaving home without my water container. If I purchased one bottle of water a day at the cost of one dollar each, I would have spent 365 dollars in one year, probably more since bottled water is a taxable item in most grocery stores-which is a nice chunk of change, especially if you’re a student.

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