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Look cool, keep warm

Photos by Naya Clark.
Photos by Naya Clark.

By: Naya Clark

Winter is officially in full swing, which means it’s time to layer up with this New Year’s trends. Winters in the past have been times for dull, neutral shades. This winter has a new hue added to the mix…army green.

Not only can it can be worn as any article of clothing, but this combat inspired color pairs great with any other color and skin tone.

Color hasn’t been the only focus for this winter’s trends. Bulky sweaters are back and warmer than ever. Remember when your mother used to bundle you up in your thickest scarf before you went in the cold? Now the cozy look is a trend, and your mom will love that you’re staying warm.

Another way to stay warm is thick materials, such as suede, which has also made a big comeback this year not only for looks but to keep toasty. Seeing suede boots and coats will definitely not be a rare sight this season.

Cable knit has been everywhere so far and has served so useful in blocking the cold winter winds. Cable knit sweaters and beanies have made appearances every year in the past winters and have lived up to their promise to keep up warm this year.

Flannel is always on the comeback. Last year everyone broke out their flannel button ups and came to terms with knowing not only are flannels trendy, and great for keeping out the chilly air, but they are easy to pair with denim and boots. As if that isn’t a sign of a great outfit piece, flannel looks great on both guys and gals.

There is no reason to feel as though winter is a time when your true style can’t shine through your layers of clothing. In fact, it’s the perfect time to layer up with the trends you love.

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