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State of the Union 2015

Obama’s plan for getting America back on its feet

By Maurice Raeford

On Jan. 20, President Barack Obama gave his sixth annual State of the Union address. During this speech on things such as the economy, higher education, technology and the military.

He began the speech by explaining that the economy is at the best it has been since 1999.

Obama continued to delineate several improvements saying that:

  • Job growth has increased.
  • Gas prices went down.
  • The high school dropout rate has decreased.
  • Since 9/11, the number of troops in Iraq has decreased, and the war is finally over.

He explained that America is coming out of an extensive recession and does not want to spend more money rushing into war and instead wants to invest more into American technology.

He wants to build technology up so that America can stop outsourcing jobs and start exporting more goods.

President Obama referred to the success stories of Rebekah and Ben Erler to illustrate how the federal government can further invest the education and job prospects of the middle class.

Obama detailed that when Ben’s construction business took a hit during the collapse of housing market, Rebekah, a waitress, went back to community college and was able to get a better job as a result.

The Erlers were able to survive the crisis and to top it off, bought their first house.

Obama believes that the more college graduates America has, the better its economy will be.

As a result, he is working on making community college free.

In addition, Obama believes that childcare should be more affordable, especially with so many working mothers.

The plan that he has devised would give parents a $3,000 allowance on their tax returns to help with childcare.

He says Americans can also save another $700 per year with the lower gas prices.

Obama is also campaigning to give women equal wages of their male counterparts.

He wants to raise minimum wages so that people can better support their families.

He drove this point home when he looked to Congress and told them he would like to see them be able to work full-time and support a family off of $15,000 a year.

Therefore, Obama wants businesses to raise their minimum wages to boost the morale of the workers.

He further described that when people make more money and are not frustrated, productivity will go up.

Obama says that he wants the minimum wage average to be $10.10/ hour.

He elaborates that when employees make more, they will be able to spend more with other businesses.

Many small businesses have already taken it upon themselves to increase the wages of their employees.

President Obama wants to bring back the time when hard work meant that you got a decent wage.

He does not want the American Dream to turn into an empty promise.

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