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The scoop on textbooks

By: Evie Palmer

Let’s face it: college is expensive and so are required textbooks. According to U.S. News and World Report, the average college student spends about $1,200 on books each year, not including all other college fees. So, how do we add more “bang to our buck” this semester?

  1. Buy used books. There may be an option at the GPC bookstore to buy your book used, however, this option is not always available. I have found that Chegg is an excellent resource to buy used books. They have a good variety and decent prices for used books. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you buy the proper edition needed for the course. In addition, you may have to purchase an access code for the course as well.
  2. Borrow books. Many students currently enrolled at GPC are willing to share their books. This may save you from buying the book for full price. Ask your friends if they have the specific book required for your course. It doesn’t hurt, especially if you can save some cash!
  3. Talk to your professor in advance. Email your professors in advance (using your student account), and make sure that you need to purchase the book. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a book which may be available with an access code!
  4. Sell your books. Another way to save money is to sell your book back to the bookstore, but make sure that it is before the deadline, typically not too much longer than the end of the semester. You can also sell your used book on Chegg and Amazon.
  5. Ebooks or renting. Ebooks or renting books can be significantly cheaper than buying the book new, and sometimes even more cost efficient than purchasing the book used. However, make sure that the ebook coincides with the textbook that your professor is using.

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