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Town Hall Recap

Here’s what we know so far about the consolidation

By Naya Clark

On Jan. 12 at 1 p.m., GPC’s interim president Rob Watts, Georgia State’s President Mark Becker and University System of Georgia Vice Chancellor for Planning and Implementation Shelly Nickel gathered at GPC’s Dunwoody campus for a town hall meeting.

The meeting highlighted many major concerns of students and faculty regarding the impending merger between the college and Georgia State.

Questions regarding tuition have been a main concern among students. Many students are hoping that the merger with GSU wouldn’t make any drastic increases to GPC’s affordable tuition.

  • Tuition: Final costs will be approved in April along with student fees and other budget management. Tuition will be different for those achieving Associate’s degrees and those achieving higher degrees.
  • Class sizes: Watts and Becker confirmed to allow GPC to maintain its class sizes, which average at about 22 students per class.
  • Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG): This program allows students to transfer to colleges in close relations with GPC. Becker confirms that they do not wish to hinder students’ paths and that they are still in close relations with other institutions besides UGA. “Students are not losing opportunities by transferring,” said Becker. The pathways to Bachelor’s and higher degrees will only increase, according to Watts.
  • Undocumented students: According to Nickel, undocumented students will not have access to the four-year part of Georgia State but will continue to have access to the two-year part of the new institution.
  • Applications: Both institutions will have separate application processes. GPC students will not be able to register as GSU students until Fall 2016. Becker stresses, “Georgia State is not bringing Associate’s degrees downtown.”
  • “Georgia Perimeter’s access mission will not be lost in the process,” assures Watts.
  • The merger can be tracked along the process on http://www. consolidation.gpc.edu.


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