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Who’s up for MVP?

Mentor a veteran today

By: Rangadevi Chakraborty

During the past four years, GPC’s Military Outreach Center has been named in magazines such as “G.I. Jobs” and “Victory Media,” giving GPC a reputation of being a military-friendly school.

GPC provides various services to veterans free of charge, and a relatively new addition to these resources is the Mentoring Veteran Program (MVP), associated with Green Zone training, which faculty and staff members can now follow online.

The course consists of a short video that highlights the issues that student veterans may face at school.

Approximately 800 staff members are enrolled in the Green Zone training this semester, and this will enable them to aid and assist where needed.

According to Mark Eister, Director of Military Outreach, it is important for veterans and staff to participate in MVP, because it is designed for new or struggling student veterans.

A personally assigned mentor can assist them with possible challenges or unexpected setbacks in their transition towards an academic career.

This way, GPC can be proactive rather than reactive when the student is already in trouble.

Nursing student Brittany Banks believes that it is important for us to help them in any way possible.

“I mean they put their lives on the line for us,” said Banks.

A friend’s mom remained close with friends from the army but had a hard time forging new relationships, says Banks.

She believes there is a need for veterans to connect with each other, share their experiences and slowly make their way back into the civilian society.

Individuals such as Michael Debert, professor of English, can also serve those who once served the country.

As a part of “The Chattahoochee Review,” a literary journal, Derbert organizes a creative writing event for veterans twice a year.

He explains that the events always get a good turnout, and sometimes there is such an instant connection that the actual writing never really happens.

GPC also has a Student Veterans Association (SVA). Every semester the club holds a few events for their members, such as movie nights, lunches and celebrations.

The link to donate directly into a fund that offers student veterans scholarships in order to assist them in their pursuit of a degree is located on the GPC website.

“The money from this specific fund is being used in the best in- terest of student veterans only, and no second or third party enjoys any benefit of it,” Eister promised.

For more information about SVA, contact Lorretta Arrington at lorretta.arrington@gpc.edu.

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