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Yesterday’s fads, today’s fab

Returning trends expected to make fashion statements in 2015

By DaVail Weston

Fashion changes all the time, and 2015 is no exception.

This year brings us new looks and old fads that have been reimaged by designers like Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and many others.

So what are this year’s “up and coming trends?”

Shirtdresses: Wearable shirts (no, not your boyfriend’s old shirt that you wear to bed) designed for women by actual designers are go- ing to be a big fashion statement this year.

Yellow: This was the ideal color of a few designer collections, and before you stop reading, take that a moment to look at the color yellow and the genius of some designers that take on this bold color. Most designers that take on the color execute it to complement and flatter a woman’s shape while being the main focal of the overall ensemble.

Black and white: The trend has been around forever and a day, and although it is not groundbreaking, it gets the job done. What makes it a coming trend for 2015 is because of the various textures, patterns, and silhouettes. These three different designs have shown us what exactly is to be expected for 2015, and I am all for spicing up your everyday black and white ensemble.

Roomy denim: Jeans are a given for any season, but this time around it’s about cropped, baggy cuts. Ladies: keep your tops slim so that you don’t over power the denim; this will create a cool contrast.

Head-to-toe white: It’s not a new trend, but it is to be expected for 2015. Styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces and teaming various shades.

One-shoulder cuts: Yes, this trend is one that we all can do in our sleep. Believe it or not, your shoulders have become the sexiest part of your body overnight! Show them off in those one- shoulder tops and dresses.

Each designer gives us life with each collection he or she creates and that is what makes fashion so amazing.

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