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Illustration courtesy of Diana Cora.
Illustration courtesy of Diana Cora.

Be a flower child at the 60’s Symposium

Illustration courtesy of Diana Cora.
Illustration courtesy of Diana Cora.

By: Joseph Richardson

The winter comes to its last stanza, a warmer song plans to come to fruition. This song includes many scientific breakthroughs, civil rights and an abbey road that leads straight to the 1960’s Symposium.

The Clarkston campus will present a much anticipated symposium displaying the many aspects and ideologies of the 1960’s. The time warp begins this week and ends on Friday, Feb. 20. The symposium will be held in the JCLRC Auditorium, CL 1000 from Monday until Thursday, while the free concert will be held in the Cole Auditorium.

The symposium will have something for all students of various studies and interest.

“You just don’t want to pick any major, you want to learn the history of the major before you jump into your field of study,” said Lauryn Sanford, an undecided GPC student.

History professor and event organizer Dr. Paul Hudson believes the 1960’s Symposium plays a key role in students’ lives.

“This campus (Clarkston) opened around 1964, and it was first called DeKalb College,” said Hudson.

This symposium will celebrate 50 years of the college by reminiscing and reliving the past, according to Hudson.

“Many of history’s unresolved problems are affecting us today,” said GPC student Donovan Stanley. “The 1960’s Symposium can help us to look back at an era that strived to address certain conflicts in the world.”

Rebellion and fighting the social norm was something that the 1960’s really brought to full display.

Jim Engstrom, Greg Okoro and Marc Zayac will present the “Decolonization and Student Rebellion” seminar on Thursday at 10 a.m.

On Thursday, there will be a presentation on “Selma and Voting Rights in 1965” from 11:30 a.m.  to 12:45 p.m.

Nicole Cromartie will be speaking on what made Selma such a significant part in the 1960’s.

Cromartie is from the recently built National Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.

“Like my momma always told me: learn your history so you’re not likely to repeat it,” said student Mikayla Burney.

As the sun starts to creep below the horizon on Friday, seismometers will go haywire as Louder Than Dirt takes center stage at the Cole Auditorium starting at 7 p.m.

The band is led by the revered Dr. Greg Kelley and other talented musicians that will successfully take you back to the 1960’s itself. The band will play various songs from the 1960’s in tribute to the many great musicians of that time.

They will not be the only one under the spotlight that night.

A 1960’s Mustang will be on full display for everybody and anybody to come witness.

The event will be first come, first serve.

“Pretty soon GPC will no longer be GPC; it’ll be Georgia State. And one day we’ll be having a symposium on today’s times,” said Hudson.

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