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Get hired: Resume tips that can get you that dream job

By: Olujimi Oyenekan

It’s two months into the New Year, as well as the semester. Everybody has their own set of goals to accomplish before their deadline.

For many students, a prominent factor in these goals is money.

How do you make more money? How do you save more money?

In order to earn more money and to save more money, you need to have a better-paying job.

For a company to hire you, you need to have a better resume.

The resume is the first real play in the job market, and these are the most important pieces of information recruiters attend to in the screening process:

Name and Branding:
Make yourself identifiable. Your name becomes your brand.

Current address and contact information:
Be sure to include email addresses and phone numbers. Include any professional social media accounts you have here. Also, list any professional websites or profiles that you may have.

Educational History:
This is where academic history shows potential employers your commitments, your major and your GPA.

Work experiences: Employment history and information should be entered; duration and responsibilities are fair game. Many people alter their resumes based on the job. If you are applying for a lab technician job, you don’t need to put that you worked at McDonald’s in high school.

Skills and references: Information like computer programs you’re familiar with and professional contacts should be put here.

On average, recruiters spend about 30 seconds reviewing applications. That being said, focusing on the aforementioned points should give the organizations a well-rounded idea of who you are and what you have to offer in the allotted time.

Companies and organizations are now seizing the opportunity to preview applicants by LinkedIn, Indeed and other similar networking sites.

Getting on-board with this approach helps improve employment chances and is a step towards a better financial situation.

Now that you’re better armed, it’s only a matter of time before the phone rings for an interview.

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