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State of the Art Atlanta: An all-around artful event with more to come

By: Naya Clark

When State of the Art Atlanta showcased at the Fuse Center on Jan. 21, the event sparked the eyes and ears of young music, fashion and art enthusiasts.

State of the Art featured artists including Eugene Waleda, whose tranquil personality differed from his electrifying artwork. With his vivid colors and dream-like illustrations, Waleda says he gets a lot of his inspiration from “life and drugs.”

“I guess it’s half-traditional and half-digital,” said Waleda.

Two up-and-coming clothing lines “Lyfted” and “Wisdom” were also featured.

The practical, yet unique clothing caught the first sights of those who walked into the busy event.

State of the Art Atlanta was founded by four artists, Lanous Wright, Chibs Onyeneho, Alexandra Hernandez and Amos Hudson.

Hudson compares the artistic team to a basketball team, stating that each of them have a part in State of the Art in order to reach their ultimate goal of being well-known Atlanta artists.

As the venue at the Fuse Center quickly started to fill in attendance, music by featured artist Benny Jetts added an urban ambiance to the occasion. The group discussed their talents and what inspired them.

Onyeneho and Hudson are both talented photographers who love to capture beautiful things, according to Hudson.

Whereas, Wright and Hernandez specialize in illustrations but focus on different aspects of each.

“I personally like realism. I try to get as much detail to make it look like the real thing,” Wright said.

Hernandez focuses her illustrations on women.

“I’m intrigued by female anatomy and beauty that comes from the female attributes. I also love colors that are kind of pop art-ish,” said Hernandez.

This event is not the last for State of the Art Atlanta. According to Wright, the date for the next event is not confirmed, but he’s expecting it will be in early August. For more information on the next State of the Art event, contact stateoftheartatlanta@gmail.com.

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