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#2CHAINZFORMAYOR: A “truuuuu” political candidate

Photo illustration by Jack Lester
Photo illustration by Jack Lester

By Jack Lester

The possibility a man backed by a 7 million strong digital army— 3 million via Twitter, a million via Instagram— running and winning an election checks out in theory.

The theory could be put to practice as American rapper and College Park, Ga. native, 2Chainz flirts with running to become College Park’s next mayor.

Far from the first entertainer to test political waters, he stands out as one of the more attractive candidates recent memory.

Where most campaigns fail is initial lack of support.

2Chainz has a head start here with chunks of potential voters a tweet or Instagram post away.

The transition from sold out concerts to packed out political rallies is very realistic.

The impact and reach of social media is a proven analytic. While a neat advantage, 2Chainz still has to prove to potential voters that he is a valuable candidate and not simply a valuable mouthpiece. “Social media doesn’t influence my vote,” said Journalism major Barbara Traylor. “It’s more about the effect of the candidate.”

The last six-foot plus African American (2Chainz is 6-feet-5-inches) with heavy popularity amongst people ages 18-35? Barack Obama— President of the United States.

President Obama during the time of his campaign was an advocate of the largest American issue, bringing home soldiers.

2Chainz is an advocate of the largest issues within College Park, the legalization of marijuana and changing the structure of how punishment is handled for non-violent crimes.

Thanks to President Obama, more Americans look to give candidates outside of the status quo an unbiased chance.

“I’d rather base my decision on what he stands for versus him known as a rapper,” said Traylor.

However, some are unwilling to bend on the notion of a rapper and politician.

Biology major Alysha Clementon said, “I wouldn’t vote for him. I don’t see anything positive coming.”

Engineering major Tomiwa Ocamakindo, plans to vote but not for 2Chainz.

“He’s not politically qualified,” said Ocamkindo.

As 2Chainz prepares to run, more of the opposition will attack his rapper background and the generalizations that accompany.

Uneducated? Brash? Not well spoken? All of the above are false.

2Chainz attended Alabama State University on a basketball scholarship.

While his tenure in college is a toss-up, his 4.0 GPA wasn’t.

If his skills on the microphone aren’t oratory validation enough, his on-air debate with Nancy Grace not only proved 2Chainz is not only politically aware but also politically articulate enough to combat political opposition with poise.


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