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A two-for-one special

Socialize and exercise at the Health, Wellness and Recreation Center

By Wendy Phan

The Health, Wellness and Recreation Centers at GPC have championed the benefits of student participation in campus recreational activities, programs, and services.

“We offer programs and services that force them to look at choices they make in relation to their health and their fitness,” said Clarkston Coordinator of Wellness Center, Coach Anthony Edwards.

These services include ping pong, various workout classes and even outdoor trips.

“It gives the students an opportunity to sit back and relax and not have an environment or school that is all about work,” said Math major and Clarkston center employee Mike Guy. “They can appreciate the things in life like free time, recreation, sports, games, and fun.”

According to a study done by Scott Forrester, Ph.D. for the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at Brock University in Canada, four out of every five students participate in recreation programs and or activities at least once a week.

“I go there every day Monday through Thursday,” said sophomore Ashleigh Austin. “It’s just somewhere to chill. I like coming here and talking to Coach (Edwards).”

Just like Austin, many students enjoy going to the Health and Wellness Centers to talk to the staff members such as Edwards.

“Coach is very welcoming, and I talk to him sometimes,” said Alqahdy. “The staff is very nice and we know them on a first name basis.”

Sixty-eight percent of students even said that the campus recreation facilities influenced their decision on which college or university to attend.

Students can end up choosing what college or university they want to attend because the of the influence that the recreational facilities and programs has on them.

“The Health and Wellness facility is a home away from home,” said Edwards. “A lot of the students are here during the day and they socialize and workout between classes.”

Nawar Alqahdy, a sophomore computer science major on the Clarkston campus shares what it is about the H.W.R.C that helps him enjoy the environment at G.P.C.

“Students can come here and do things like practice ping pong and have fun and use the gym,” said Alqahdy. “Students come here three to four times a week. We have competitive tournaments for sports every semester, and the students like it here.”

According to Forrester’s study, three-fourths of students say that participating in recreational programs or activities have them interested in staying fit.

Recreational programs have influenced students in a positive way by motivating them to be healthy through a variety of sports, fitness training and other activities.

These aspects are important to many students before they enroll or graduate from a college.

That is what the goal is for the school: staying fit will help students manage their personal and mental health.

Exercising may push students to doing better in class and in life, in general.

Edwards and his staff are happy with the reviews they have received about their work in the Wellness center. They look to continue their job of serving students and promoting a healthy environment for them on campus.

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