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Breaking weather: Spring style

By: D’vale Weston

The weather is beginning to break here at the Newton campus. We start to see the shorts, tanks, capris, and crop tops that we love and can’t live without. Spring is upon us, and the weather is letting it be known.

The students here are pulling out the spring attire to feel some of that sun, and who can blame them since we’ve just come out of some bad weather.

Here are two of the fashion-forward students at the Newton campus.

Photo by D'vale Weston.
Photo by D’vale Weston.

Name: Dasha N. Miller

Major: Nursing

“Style is who you are and what you’re comfortable with. It’s like the definition of you.”

I couldn’t help but notice Miller’s style and how confident she was just being herself. Dasha is wearing a black split skirt by Charlotte Russe, a white crop top from Forever 21 and black flats from Ross. Her style is personal and that’s what makes her a trendsetter. Let’s not forget the accent of a Forever 21 shade piece to shield us from the Sun.

Photo by D'vale Weston.
Photo by D’vale Weston.


Jeremy Finnie

Major: Health science

“Being original and putting stuff together is what I love; it’s what makes my style so personal. Creating a style that is all your own by talking risk are what makes fashion, well, fashion.”  

I must admit that Finnie’s approach to his personal style is rather unique. He is not afraid to take risks, and his style is a reflection of that. Finnie is the essence of the modern day urban trendsetter.

Looking relaxed and comfortable, he is wearing a complete jogger ensemble. The print is “bandanna.” How he wore the outfit is what struck me as a trendsetter. Now I must not forget about his high-top Nike sneakers and own personal, handmade Jeremy hat. His style is personal, and his style is him.

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