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Brittany Logan: Athlete, Mother and All-Star

Brittany Logan (#13) lines up to take the shot as a Georgia State Panther and a proud GPC alum. Photo courtesy of Charlie Taylor, Georgia State Athletic Dept.
Brittany Logan (#13) lines up to take the shot as a Georgia State Panther and a proud GPC alum. Photo courtesy of Charlie Taylor, Georgia State Athletic Dept.

By: Wendy Phan

Brittany Logan (#13) is one of the hardest working and dedicated basketball players at Georgia State, but she started her college career as a Lady Jaguar.

During her sophomore year in the 2011-2012 season. Logan helped the Lady Jags become the number 12 team in the nation with a 23-9 record.

She was also ranked 14th in rebounds in the NJCAA during the year.

Logan considers it a blessing to win so many awards and achievements during her careers at GPC and GSU.

She comes to practice to get better and help her teammates become better as well.

The center likes the good feeling practice brings, because it is all about attitude and team effort.

“My guards make me look good,” said Logan

One of the quotes that gives Logan inspiration comes from legendary basketball coach, Jim Valvano.

“Don’t ever give up. There’s some things you can’t control, but don’t ever give up,” said Logan reciting Valvano’s quote.

Logan also has her own unique quotes which she likes to use regularly.

“Let’s put this chicken on the grill,” said Logan. “It means ‘let’s go out and play,’ and do our best.”

Logan started to play basketball when she was five or six years old, and she says it just came naturally to her.

While Logan plays basketball at Georgia State, she is also a mother and taking classes at the same time.

“Sometimes I don’t feel like going to work, but it’s something I have to do to take care of my kids and myself,” said Logan. “When I’m off or have days off from work, I dedicate that to spending time with my kids so they don’t feel left out. Sometimes I know I have to.”

When asked about her plan for the future, she said, “I’m not sure, but I want to start a non-profit organization for deaf kids with hearing aids.”

Logan’s interest in helping the hearing impaired came from the sign language she learned while volunteering at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf with Kelly Thompson.

“A lot of parents are in denial when it comes to their kids who are disabled with hearing because they don’t pick up on sign language let alone school work,” said Logan.

She volunteered at the school to help these children and her interest in the cause grew.

When asked what is the one thing she is proud of, without hesitation, Logan said, “My babies, my twins.”

“It is interesting to watch them grow and have different personalities and that they had a shadow while growing up.”

Logan cannot fathom how much she loves being a mother and a wife to a loving husband.

Logan leaves players with this piece of advice,“Work hard for what you want, and make sure you are passionate about basketball. Give it your all and always help your teammates out. If you have to be selfish sometimes, then do it, but find a way to help your teammates and keep a positive attitude.”

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