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Feminati Club and LAMBDA Triangle Club get groovy

By: Naya Clark

On Feb. 18, the Feminati Club and the LAMBDA Triangle Club came together to focus on feminism in the 1960’s at the Dunwoody auditorium.

The symposium, lasting more than an hour, featured members of both clubs dressed up as feminists of the 60’s discussing modern issues.

Feminists of this era included Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Rachel Carson, and Storme DeLarverie.

The clubs decided to come together for audiences to appreciate pioneers of feminism as well as to raise awareness of issues women face in modern society.

Present-day issues discussed by the Feminati group include birth control, police brutality, the lack of women in math and science fields and men’s rights.

“LAMBDA Triangle club seeks to raise awareness around asexuality, bisexuality, omnisexuality, gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, questioning, and allied folks here on campus,” said Cole Thomas, adviser of the LAMBDA triangle club. “Students and staff are welcome to participate. Our goal is to have an affirming environment for all students.”

Although the LAMBDA Triangle Club and the Feminati Club are separate groups, they often share similar missions.

“We work together on several different projects because we have an overlapping mission to free all people,” said Thomas.

The groups also plan to come together for the “Take Back the Night” Rally in April in order to raise awareness of violence against women.

Both club advisers make it clear that these clubs aren’t strictly for women.

“Men are welcome to our group,” said Dr. Dana Wiggins, adviser of the Feminati Club. “We do have active members of our group who are men. Feminism is for everyone and we need male allies. In many things like violence against women, men are the ones who can really stop these things.”

Wiggins also speaks of how gender expectations aren’t solely harmful to women, but to men as well.

“Feminism isn’t just about helping women; it’s about helping our whole society,” said Wiggins.

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