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How to find (and stick to) a workout routine you love

Illustration by Thomas Hoffman.
Illustration by Thomas Hoffman.

By: Sarah Mohamed

When I tell people that I work out regularly, I often hear things like, “More power to ya!”

I’ve noticed that the people around me often want to become more active, but they either don’t know where to start or keep falling off the wagon.

This is because most people believe that exercise has to be boring and tortuous like high school P.E.

Don’t worry; I was in that same boat once, but through a lot of experimentation, I discovered that working out can actually be fun!

Finding what’s right for you

The easiest way to find out what you’ll like, and more importantly, what you’ll stick to, is to think back to the types of outdoor games you liked playing as a child.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re too old to do these things.

I love jumping rope, running, hula hooping, swimming and a number of other activities.

For example, I hula hoop with a weighted hoop while I watch TV or read.

That way, I’m being active without having to compromise other “lazy” activities.

Making a realistic and flexible schedule

Last spring, my life revolved around my health and fitness. This may sound like it’s good thing, but it’s not.

I’m neither a professional athlete nor a bodybuilder, so exercise should only be a part of my life, not the epicenter of it.

I had a ridiculous schedule that wasn’t very flexible, and I’d set unrealistic goals for myself.

So, if you oversleep one morning and have a busy day, don’t sweat it. Take it one day at a time.

However, if you absolutely must work out, then do something before bed.

I like to do bedtime yoga when I’ve missed my morning practice, or have just had a rough day.

Do it for the right reasons

I’ve done a lot of experimentation in the past and the majority of the workout DVDs I’ve invested in didn’t get much use.

This is because I was looking at exercising from the wrong angle.

My main motivation was to be slimmer and to have abs that would put both men and women to shame.

But even though I’m a very determined person, that wasn’t enough to make me push a bit harder when Shaun T yelled, “Dig deeper!”

The negative voice in the back of my head would just say, “If you dig any deeper you’ll be six feet under.”

Later on, I grew an appreciation for what my body could do and began to enjoy working out.

My tip is to exercise because you want to be healthy, and make sure you have fun while doing it.


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