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Mental health and well-being of college students

College: The pressures of socializing and studying

By: Jana Pauldo

College life can become overwhelming and lead to anxiety and stress levels going up. It can be frustrating.

The competition for grades, the need to perform, relationships, fear of AIDS, career choice and many other aspects of the college environment cause stress.

However, stress is only harmful when it is seen as excessive.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) national statistics , suicide is the second leading cause of death in for ages 10-24.

Depression is a matter that should be taken seriously. It is important for students to seek the help they need provided on campuses.

“Everyone, at a point in their lives, is going to deal with good and bad things, and depending on what’s going on, there might be someone who needs guidance through their situation,” said Robert Campbell, a business administration major on the Clarkston campus.

Utilizing the counseling center is not an embarrassment.

Some may feel they have to uphold high standards in college, and the problems they experience may never get dealt with because of misconceptions that it isn’t normal or that they sound crazy. However, being in denial is far much worse.

The counselors are there to help college students get through the years as much as possible.

Dr. Martha Anne Kitzrow states in her journal, “In the cold world we live in today, students deal with dysfunctional families, poor frustration tolerance, experimentation with drugs and alcohol and weak interpersonal attachments.”

So many students live their lives in a new technological world, making it very depressing to just look down at a phone.

It is very hard finding friends to hang out with in person in 2015.

Social media has taken the place of finding “best friends” in college.

Other things play a part such as having a job, study time and volunteer work.

All this is too much to handle for some students taking on college.

College, for the most part, is an exciting time.

The process for getting accepted into college can be overwhelming and also stressful.

But, once you’re fully accepted, your life will change naturally either for the better or the worse.

Each year, approximately 4 million students enroll in college for the first time. The majority of those students are on their own for the first time.

With this new found freedom comes responsibilities as a young adult which also brings added pressures and anxieties. With college comes a new way of life but not everyone has the entourage of friends, a dorm to sleep in or the “perfect life.” High school was already four years to deal with in a parent’s home, but most college students are homeless.

They may have dorm rooms to sleep in during the semester, but after that, they are technically homeless.

College life can be harder socially than it is educationally.

The number of college students in shelters are growing by the numbers, according to the Huffington Post.

“Counseling is good for college students because they need people to talk to because they may not have people to talk to,” said music major James Spudwell. “They’d rather talk to a stranger because they won’t be judged, and some people need someone to talk to.”

GPC provides counseling to all students assisting with the transition for students to thrive in a competitive and global society.

It is imperative for students to utilize the resources available to them so that counselors can assist with problems that can’t be handled on their own.

Counselors are available on each campus. Do not hesitate to talk to someone if you need to.

If you need help, please call the Personnel Access Line at 770-278-1300.

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