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Op-ed: Pound for Pound: Water vs. Soda

By: Joseph Richardson

What is your favorite soda? Is it Coca-Cola? How about Dr. Pepper? It’s crazy to even fathom the fact that major soda companies have competition.

The competitive contenders are several brands known as Perrier, La Croix and many other brands to back up their conquest of fighting the soda monopoly.

Soda is starting to lose its fizz.

With America’s microscope recently set on major health issues and wellness, soda is starting to look less and less appealing to the everyday American.

With workout programs like T-25 and the 30-Day Challenge, soda is starting to fade its way out of America’s everyday diet.

Soda’s current competitor, sparkling water, provides great appeal for any individual who is looking to venture past the carbonation of syrup.

Sparkling water pretty much has regular water with dissolved carbon dioxide.

Not only does sparkling water taste good, but it is also being served as a complimentary beverage at certain restaurants instead of traditional water.

Many brands of sparkling water comes in simple flavors like lemon-lime to more extravagant flavors like mango-pineapple.

Many sparkling water companies have made it their goal to provide a great tasting drink and still keep all the health benefits that are associated with water.

Not only does sparkling water keep you hydrated, but also most drinks don’t have any calories.

Sparkling water also eliminates the intake of caffeine unlike most sodas. Many Americans resort to coffee and energy drinks for their caffeine intake.

Many soda companies have resulted to producing sports and energy drinks in order to fight the recent competition.

Although sparkling water is well prepared in the fight against soda, it falls short on several elements that soda companies have on them.

One of those elements is sales.

Sodas are approximately 10 cents cheaper than sparkling water.

Soda is also available in gas stations, vending machines, everyday restaurants and even fast food; while sparkling water is usually limited to grocery stores and certain restaurants.

Soda also has plenty of options when it comes to marketing.

Television shows, commercials, billboards, video games and even apparel are just some of the ways soda companies market their products better than sparkling water.

Certain companies like Coca-Cola have a superior edge by implementing new technologies such as the Coke Freestyle Machine, a machine that lets consumers mix and match their favorite sodas and syrups.

Nonetheless, sparkling water will only go upward from here.

With all the strategies that soda companies use to market and sell their products, sparkling water companies have a trick up their sleeve.

The Soda Stream is a machine that is used to promote the homemade creation of sparkling water and healthy soda.

With all the weapons that both parties bring to the fight, it will be interesting to see whether the fight continues, or perhaps a collaborative effort will be implemented to gain success.

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