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Stress and students go hand in hand

By: Justin Fredericksen

“Stressed” is a word that many students use to express their state of mind. Students live complex and fastidious lives in which every decision has a consequence, good or bad.

The quality of one’s life may be hindered due to the buildup of stress.

Today’s culture seems to thrive off of stress.

People everywhere are bustling around, trying to achieve their best work and succeed in a competitive world.

Students are under an immense amount of internal and external pressure to do well.

Around exam time, students hit the books and cram as much information in as possible to get an A.

Stress has also become a focus of a psychological manifestation in student life.

Each student deals with stress in a different manner: binge-eating, drinking, using drugs and exercising to the point of a breakdown.

Then, there are those who are able to brush off the stress, and it seems to never phase them.

For an obsessive person, stress may paralyze motivation, leading to an overwhelmed state of being that may lead to sickness.

Many students hit a wall when stress levels get too high, simply lose focus on the task at hand, and tend to procrastinate.

“Stress makes me want to sleep my life away,” said Zoe Nuller, a biology major at the Dunwoody campus.

Other students take a different approach to stress.

Biomedical engineer Nirmala Dangal said, “I worry a lot about school and tests, but I try to stay focused and organized…I listen to music and sleep to deal with the stress.”

However the person manages or deals with stress, it is important to know that stress can lead to serious complications later in life.

Vinay V. Joshi, author of “Stress: From Burnout To Balance” wrote, “We have come to recognize the vastly complex intertwining of our biology and emotions, the endless ways in which our personalities, feelings and thoughts both reflect and influence the events in our bodies.”

It is important for students to have a healthy outlet to alleviate the stress that occurs with any pressurized situation.

How people deal with stress in their youth has the capacity to affect their health in the future.

The human body is capable of healing itself, but continued damage to the nervous system and essential organs will take its toll down the road.

Brianna Vargas, a music business major said, “Stress has taken over in the past, but you just focus on the positive things and don’t let the negative control you.”

The body is a delicate machine which needs special tune-ups to maintain a healthy balance.

It is vital for a healthy life to recognize limits and learn how to deal with stress in a healthy manner.

Stress will always be involved, but how stress affects the student is solely up to him or her.

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