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Wins on the Field = Wins in Class?

By: Tuneel Speech

College students looking to boost their GPA may want to think about taking part in some of the school’s fitness activities.

It is said that engaging in school sports may possibly increase a student’s performance in the classroom.

According to studies by Michigan State University, students involved in the fitness centers have achieved better GPAs than students who did not participate.

“Physical activity can have an impact on cognitive skills and attitudes and academic behavior, all of which are important components of improved academic performance,” said the Centers for Disease Control in a 2010 report on the association between physical education and academic performance. “These include enhanced concentration and attention as well as improved classroom behavior.”

Physical fitness enhances brain function resulting in better classroom conduct.

With involvement in campus sports activities, students have a closer relationship to the school environment.

“Drop-out rates were lower for youth who consistently participated in interscholastic sports,” said Charles Basch from Columbia University in his 2010 essay “Healthier Students are better Learner.”

Students gain more social connections which increases their attentiveness in the classroom.

Intramural basketball player Hakeem Abdullah (#7) scored 22 points in his team’s win to earn the 2015 GPC NIRSA basketball championship.

“Playing sports really made me work, because all of my teammates are really smart. So I make sure that the smart ones on my team make me better as a player,” said Abdullah.

Taking on fitness activities on campus or even outside the campus brings a feeling of confidence in the ability to multi task, leading to an increase in academic performance.

Students engaged in physical activities are more likely to ask for help and take part in class activities.

It is also likely for them to join other school activities when given the chance.

Students who succeed in various activities are open to many academic opportunities.

Physical activity improves one’s health by improving their circulation, increasing blood flow to the brain, and raising endorphin levels.

All of this helps lower stress and improve a person’s mood and attitude.

Physically fit individuals are less likely to miss school or partake in any other dangerous activities.

Studies done to increase physical education show that students who were involved in the experiment were healthier mentally and physically.

The students’ academic skills were noticeably enhanced compared to those who did not participate in the experiment.

Students at the Health, Wellness and Recreation Center at the Clarkston campus find the center a place where they can hang out and build friendships.

Students like sophomore Charak Sith majoring in personal training use the in house gym as a place to stay fit and catch up with his workout pals.

“It’s small so you get to meet people and make some friends. When go to a gym there’s noone to make fun of you. Most people I keep in contact with workout here constantly,” said Sith.

A student should not focus too much on one area over the other. Attendance and participation in a sport is vital but the classroom is the main priority. Students should dedicate enough time for both aspects of schools.

Academic success may not be fully linked to physical activity, but it can increase a student’s performance and GPA.

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