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Avoiding the dreaded hangover

By: Barbara Traylor

Most college parties, well most parties, have beer and liquor. Now mix that with social drinking and the drinking games, and your body may take a beating.

While you scientifically cannot prevent a hangover from happening, there are ways to enjoy your alcoholic beverage without having such a terrible hangover the next day.

  1. “Drink some tea and take some Advil.” ~Nursing major Abby Taylor
    Drinking water throughout the day before the party keeps you hydrated so you won’t feel as bad during the festivities. Nursing major Nicole Clark also recommends drinking ginger ale and Powerade after a night of drinking. Always keep your body hydrated.
  2. Know your limits
    Drink only the amount of alcohol your body can handle even if that means having only two drinks. It’s okay to be the person who can only handle a few drinks, do not fall into peer pressure for being called a ‘weak link.’
  3. Keep your drink close
    Beers come in sealed containers, but most drinks are in the popular red solo cup. Keep your drink in your hand and never leave it unattended. Someone can ‘spike’ your drink if you are not careful.
  4. “I’ve heard eating oily foods will help.” ~Biology major Zamar Drummond
    Eat a balanced meal. Never drink on an empty stomach. The alcohol in your drink won’t be absorbed as fast when your belly is full.
  5. Call a cab or a ride
    If you see anyone completely wasted or you feel unable to drive, please do them and yourself a favor and call a cab to get home.
  6. Avoid the hangover
    Last, if you don’t want a hangover do the obvious, and don’t drink!

Be responsible, drink responsibly and be safe.

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