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Clark leaves paws on GCAA history

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Photo by Ben Abrams.


By: Ben Abrams

The Lady Jaguars will never be forgotten thanks to sophomore guard, Danielle Clark (#2). Clark was recognized by the G.C.A.A for making the third team for all-region players of the year in Division I Women’s Basketball for the 2014-15 season.

The Douglasville native finished in the top 10 in the G.C.A.A. for three-pointers (45), free-throws (98), points (377), points per game (14.0) and points per game in regulation of 40 minutes (22.1).

The Lady Jag contributes her success on the court to her teammates.

“My teammates helped me a lot this year; I could not have done it without them this year,” said Clark. “We got through those rough times. Everyone was positive and likes to work hard, and everyone likes to win so we all had a competitive spirit. We’re sisters so we were close.”

One of Clark’s most important connections that convinced her to make the move from Stone Mountain High School to GPC was Lady Jags head coach, James Waldon.

“I knew Coach Waldon in high school,” said Clark. “He helped me become stronger and more prepared than the regular high schooler who comes to play at the collegiate level.”

The after-class education Clark would receive from Waldon would continue long after she walked the stage in Stone Mountain and filled her locker in Decatur.

“Coach Waldon was a influence, because he stayed positive all year, and he helped me become a better player both physically and mentally by staying on me and encouraging me to work hard and keep my head up,” said Clark.

Clark is still unsure of where she will commit to. She plans to major in sports management to remain close to sports after college.

Clark’s short-term future may look uncertain at the moment, but one thing will never be taken away from her of GPC when it’s gone, the stamp Clark helped GPC leave in G.C.A.A.

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