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Is the reign of the AIDS dynasty coming to fall?

By: Jack Lester

In monumental medical news, scientists say they may have finally solved AIDS.

The three decade war with the incurable disease that has been a poster child for safe sex campaigns worldwide will have now come to a halt.

AIDS may have an end in sight (theoretically) through the development of a vaccine for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)–the catalyst for AIDS.

HIV seizes the body through two cellular receptors.

With AIDS cured, does cancer become medicine’s main priority or how is the severity of AIDS now viewed.

Health and Wellness professor, Kayla Burrell said, “I believe an AIDS vaccination has a great possibility of being successful in lessen AIDS severity; however, I also believe it could also encourage unsafe and harmful sexual behaviors, as many people believe that vaccinations are a cure or a permanent fix to prevent disease.”

In short celebration of the AIDS cure, questions in regards to who is able to have access to the vaccine. In short, is it covered through Affordable Care Act?

Barbara Traylor, GPC sophomore said, “I would hope that they make such a globally impacted vaccination easily available to anyone who would want it.”

Beyond economics, the possibility of AIDS rendering cultures’ perspective on safe sex and the severity of the virus is very much a reality.

“I would rank the importance of an AIDS vaccination as medium to high on a scale. The reason for my ranking is HIV/AIDS is still being spread rapidly despite the knowledge of prevention. There are still hundreds of thousands of people all ages, races, cultures that are newly diagnosed daily. The transmission of HIV/AIDS is still an epidemic that needs to be addressed,” said Burrell.

“Just because there is an AIDS vaccination does not eliminate other sexually transmitted diseases. People should practice safe sex. Use condoms,” say Traylor.

The #NOCONDOMDAY hashtags will have to wait until further notice.

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