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Op-ed: All Time Low’s “Future Hearts”

Photo courtesy of All Time Low's website.
Photo courtesy of All Time Low’s website.

By: D’vale Weston

This alternative band has been showing us to never count them out.

This album is the first for the band to top charts in the UK let alone has a number one single there.

This soon to be classic punk rock album will be one for the record books.

Yes! The album is that good.

Released early on April 3, this album is a follow up to “Don’t Panic,” their 2012 hit album.

“Future Hearts” debuted at number one in the UK and in the top 10 in Australia and New Zealand album charts.

The album has received mixed to positive reviews from critics, who generally praised the new musical direction but criticized the lack of cohesiveness.

However, we can’t say too much when their music is in the top 10 in countries like England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Jamie Davis, who is studying to be a social worker, said, “All Time Low’s new album reminds me of early 2000’s alternative music (My Chemical Romance/early Maroon 5) nice feel in a good CD for the season.”

This album is worth the listen, and you should all listen.

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