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Operation Connects: Inspiring the media moguls of tomorrow

By Joseph Richardson

As the spring semester draws to close and students anticipate their hiatus, there are many events for students to enjoy and benefit from.

Operation Connects, an extended event from the GPC Career Fair was held to motivate students and support their future goals.

​ Operation Connects was designed for students to attend a media conference that contained a major panel discussion, artist showcases and networking opportunities.

The event was geared for anyone and everyone who is interested in music, dance, television, radio, film, broadcasting, theater, fashion, and entertainment media technology.

Chelsea Phillips, a GPC dual enrollment alumnus in the media industry, moderated the panel.

Several key figures in the media industry participated in the panel discussion.

One of the panelists, Eshe, is a music performer and a Georgia native.

Eshe sings for Grammy award-winning music group, Arrested Development.

Her goal at Operation Connects was to promote growth and provide encouragement for aspiring students.

“Anytime somebody said go one way, I always went the other way because I want to express myself, my heart, my individuality,” said Eshe. “If you are good at what you do, and you are persistent and consistent, then the door is going to open.”

Téja on Bass is a musician that hails from the city of Miami.

Her particular skills are shown through her bass playing.

Téja’s exceptional music skills have landed her opportunities to work with Janelle Monae, Musiq Soulchild and more.

Also present was Cappriccieo Scates, the President/CEO of Mytrell Records with the desire to educate students about the music industry.

“I talk a lot about order, and understanding that you’ll get a Grammy,” said Scates. “That’s part of it, but it’s about maintaining it.”

Much of Scates’ advice not only applies to the music industry but to the general success of students period.

“Rate multiplied by time equals distance,” said Scates. “The rate at which you put into something multiplied by the amount of time you spend doing gets you to the distance.”

Janet Wade was also present to share some insight on the field of media as a whole.

Although Wade has been a professional in the music and entertainment industry for over 30 years, she takes a different vantage point on the music industry.

Instead of being the performer, she works behind the scenes to negotiate music deals and marketing campaigns for Turner Broadcasting network.

Alexis Kimbrough also takes an alternate view of the music industry and its benefits.

Kimbrough is the founder of a company called AMKtax, which later changed into a business called Growth Group.

Growth Group focuses on the financial side of the music industry, services such as bookkeeping and accounting.

Although each panelist had a different lesson to teach, there is one thing that everyone took away from this event.

“I think the main thing that everybody can learn from entertainment, is to be entertained,” said Phillips. “Whether you’re a nurse or a fireman, entertainment is something that can bring everyone to the table and learn.”

Although the semester is ending, the careers for many GPC students are just starting.

Operation Connects proved that and enabled students to participate in a life changing event.

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