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Op-ed: RiRi talks money and Wale regains his footing

By: D’vale Weston

“B**** Better Have My Money”

Illustration by Jack Lester.
Illustration by Jack Lester.

“B**** Better Have My Money,” written by Jamille Pierre, Badrilla Bourelly, Rihanna and Travis Scott, is a song recorded by pop diva and singer Rihanna for her eighth studio album. It was

This trap anthem rings loud and proud in the streets.

The pop royal challenges anyone who would doubt her on this killer single.

The pop royal tears through a gauntlet of weapons-grade trap beats with assassin-like calm.

“Don’t act like you forgot,” she snarls. “I call the shots.”

Many critics have said that Rihanna has proven that she still has it and that nobody can take the superstar’s place.

I find this single to be something so different than what she has been doing.

The bold single catapults Rihanna into whole another genre of music moving from pop to hip-hop, sounding something like Young Thug or Future with this stellar trap beat.

The song has become a turn up song to all that are listening to it, and with Rihanna’s style, we find ourselves loving the single and its catchy tune while it also sends a clear message.

“Rihanna’s new single has a nice beat but it’s a kind of song that you have to be in the mood for,” Kiera Marley an accounting major said. “Nevertheless, I love RIRI.”

Rihanna gears up for her new studio album, and I think with “B**** Better Have My Money” and “FourFiveSeconds” we will be getting an interesting album.


“The Album about Nothing”

Photo courtesy of Wale's website.
Photo courtesy of Wale’s website.

“The Album about Nothing,” the fourth album by American rapper Wale, was released last month by Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records. Jeremih, J. Cole, SZA and Usher feature on the album, which serves as a continuation of Wale’s Seinfeld-themed mixtape series.

Wale offers his most personal album yet.

This work of art will have many of his listeners in deep thought about all the things around them.

Wale takes the time to question things in this album and to give you his personal view on things happening in the world around us.

Moreover, he turns the lens on himself.

Wale talks about everything in detail with this album, from his sometimes-contentious relationship with fans in “The Helium Balloon” to passionate pleas on the state of young black man in America with song “The Pessimist.”

This album is an ambitious personal project of Wale’s that talks about success but questions it too with soulful, wide–angle production.

Wale offers something new to his listeners, and this is the most honest he has ever been.

He keeps guest spots to a minimum, leaving the stage free for himself.

Physical therapy major Ricky Monroe said, “Wale’s album was pretty cool, not as good as the other recent albums that have been released, but overall it’s like a 7 out of 10.”

“Wale’s albums are okay,” agreed child psychology major Darry Brimidge. “He has somewhat of his own style with his music, but he’s okay as an artist.”

Take a minute out of your day to listen to “The Album about Nothing,” and make up your own mind.



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