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Sports briefs: April 22

By: Ben Abrams


The Jaguars have hit a bit of a rough patch in their last eight games.

The Jags latest wins have come from South Georgia (9-3) and Georgia Highlands [(10-5), (8-5) and (2-0)].

The teams rough spots have come from losing three out of four to South Georgia [(5-4),(7-6) and (2-0)] and the fourth loss to Georgia Highlands (4-2).

This latest stretch brings the teams record to (27-20) and (15-9) in the GCAA placing them in 3rd in the conference standings. Go Jags!


The Lady Jags have had a rough outing as well to finish off their last season.

The team’s wins came from doubleheader sweeps over Georgia Military College [(1-0) and (6-3)] and Darton State [(4-3) and (2-0)].

Their losses also came from doubleheader sweeps from Abraham Baldwin [(4-2) and (9-5)] and  South Georgia [(4-3) and (5-2)].

The Lady Jags’ final record for the regular season stands at (21-19) and (10-8) in the GCAA placing them 7th in the conference standings.

Now the Lady Jags will prepare for the GCAA tournament in hopes to extend their final season. Go Lady Jags!

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