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Sports briefs: April 8

By: Ben Abrams


The Jaguars continue to run on all cylinders as they climb higher in the G.C.A.A. standings,.

The Jags have won three out of four against Gordon State [(13-6), (7-2) and (3-2)], won two over Andrew College [(4-3), (12-6) and (7-3)] and won against Oglethorpe (9-0). The only blemishes are the losses to Gordon State (2-1) and Andrew College (14-13).

The team is (24-15) for the year and (12-4) in the conference putting them in second behind Abraham Baldwin in the G.C.A.A. standings. Go Jags!


The Lady Jags opened April on a strong note. The team’s latest installment of the season saw them go on an impressive (6-4) stretch.

The wins came from West Georgia Tech (2-0), Andrew College (8-0) and (8-5), Georgia Highlands (11-6) and Gordon State (2-0) and (2-1).

The losses can from West Georgia Tech (6-5), Georgia Highlands (7-2) and East Georgia State [(4-3) and (5-4)]

The team has improved their record to (17-15) and (6-4) in the G.C.A.A. Go Lady Jags!

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