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Adviser Cole Thomas (right) encourages students to speak out.
Adviser Cole Thomas (right) encourages students to speak out.

Take back the night

Both LAMBDA Triangle and Feminati Clubs teach GPC Students how to take a stand

By: Jada Braxton

The LAMBDA Triangle Club and the Feminati Club dove into the real world of GPC students this month.

Hosting GPC’s “Take Back the Night” event within GPC’s Dunwoody library, TBTN took place and took sexual harassment by the horns.

The event was held in order to administer awareness regarding assault and sexual street harassment but resulted in providing so much more.

As the event began, students gathered around LAMBDA and Feminati presidents Jasmine Hutchison, Diana Prada, and adviser Cole Thomas to make “Awareness” t-shirts and posters.

However, t-shirt construction soon turned into an eye-opening chat, when Diana Prada graciously shared her story of unwelcome harassment.

Prada had been a victim of verbal assault at GPC.

Her story was a prime example that anyone can be a victim of harassment and seeking help is of the utmost importance.

Prada could hardly stress this enough and brought to light the fact that, “It is never the victim’s fault when it comes to verbal assault.”

President Hutchinson also agreed that unwanted attention, such as harassment, should always be spoken against, especially if students want to make the campus a more pleasant and safer place.

After t-shirt construction and enlightening discussions, the TBTN event soon made a transition to the student center for guest speakers.

The group of students walked proudly to the center with TBTN shirts and uplifting TBTN posters anxiously awaiting sexual and physical assault survivors, Maressa Pendermon and Ebony Huckabee.

Huckabee and Pendermon both served as secretary and vice president representatives for “Women Healing Women,” a non-profit organization that strongly supports the LGBT community and assault victims.

During the meet and greet with both representatives, conversation touched on the realm of violence and struck questions from the student body such as: “Where is the line drawn when it comes to harassment?” and “If I’m involved in a violent situation, can it be resolved?”

All questions were answered thoroughly by Pendermon and Huckabee along with Thomas and involved reenactments of real life situations.

Such situations presented students with knowledgeable ways to avoid assault, such as seeking help immediately if considered a victim, and how to avoid being the culprit of sexual harassment by recognizing a person’s body language, if they’re uninterested.

With such tips being voiced, harassment awareness took on a whole new understanding, and students agreed to speak up!

Thanks to the LAMBDA Triangle Club and the Feminati Club, various students now realize they  have control to take back the night from harassment and sexual assault by speaking up and seeking help.


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