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The look-a-like app

“MyIdol” makes you a virtual character

By: Jada Braxton

A new app has emerged onto the screens of many devices.

The up and coming “MyIdol” app is a Chinese application that has recently been seen on social media and smartphones, allowing users to transform their everyday visage into a 3-D animation.

At the Alpharetta campus, student Alex Anagnostou says she has spotted many GPC students using the app at work and school.

“MyIdol” allows individuals to put themselves into a virtual world, whether it be to sing karaoke or swing on a pole.

All a smartphone user has to do is download the app via the App Store and upload a selfie to start the animation.

If that is not enough entertainment, the app can also create an individual’s 3-D self to appear in videos and photos.

The app user then has the opportunity to choose different mannerisms they want for a 3-D self and is able to post the finished product to wherever they choose.

Whether it be smiling, frowning, scary or hilarious, the MyIdol animation proves itself to be ridiculously amusing.

Although “MyIdol” is only available in Chinese, it hasn’t stopped American users from enjoying it just the same.

However, the rising popularity of this app has cleared the way for various similar apps.

For example, a wide range of English speakers who have caught on to the bandwagon recently gained an American version of the app.

The alternative goes by the name “Insta3D,” and although it is not in Chinese, it is said to be fairly similar to “MyIdol” with a few minor deficits in facial accuracy.

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