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An Uber Option for Public Transportation

Travis Kalanick, co-founder and chief executive officer, hit the jackpot when he discovered the idea of the international transportation network company, Uber. The foundation of Uber as the fastest growing driving opportunity and option for public transit was built upon providing users with a functional and convenient way to be chauffeured.

Uber thrived where taxi service’s lack of innovation left a gaping hole in transportation services. Uber built its own app for customers to use no matter where they are located–features are accessible through any electronic device. Unlike taxis, Uber doesn’t require riders to place a physical call each time they desire to make a trip.

Philip McDowell, 17, Georgia State University student rides Uber frequently. “Uber charges significantly less than taxis. Uber has multiple car options. You can order a SUV, normal size car or luxury car. Uber drivers are more laidback. You get a better experience.”

Uber’s convenience isn’t limited to only riders. Uber drivers work for themselves and drive their own cars as long as they pass inspection. Uber Atlanta requires that vehicle models be newer than 2005.

“Uber charges significantly less than taxis. Uber has multiple car options. You get a better experience…” – Phillip McDowell, Georgia State

Drivers are also rated by passengers at the conclusion of each ride. The culture of  instantaneous feedback gives riders a perspective of the quality of service to be expected while giving drivers the incentive to provide a solid service. Some drivers choose to offer refreshments like water and peppermints.

Roosevelt Simmons, an uberX and uberXL driver said, “The company is the best company to work for! You are your own boss and you make great money. I’ve driven a Lexus for four months and I bought this car specifically to drive for Uber. My riders are interesting people. I ride about at least 20-30 people a day depending on how long I schedule myself for.”

Although, Uber doesn’t offer more discount promotions for frequent riders, Simmons doesn’t see an issue with the company’s promotional offers.

“I think Uber gets to their parties quicker than taxi’s. Drivers are more personable. Uber always does promotions. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, they had drivers go to Costco’s and give flowers to female riders. They also had an ice cream promotion, where the drivers drove around and gave out free ice cream cones. So, Uber does promotions just not as many discount promotional offers,” said Simmons.

Uber doesn’t have any commercials, but still manages to become successful internationally. The company is known in approximately 311 cities and continues to expand. If Uber continues to grow its innovative product, the potential to supercede taxis and other forms of public transit is a possibility.

Lacee Harper is a staff writer for the Collegian. Visit Uber for information on driving, riding and promotions. 

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