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Dr. Mark Becker. Fall 2015 Convocation
Dr. Mark Becker. Fall 2015 Convocation

GPC’s Final Fall Convocation

Friday, September 11, 2015 GPC held its final Fall convocation, with Georgia State University (GSU) president Dr. Mark Becker as a featured speaker. The convocation happens once a year, and this year it allowed GPC and GSU faculty and staff to meet and interact with one another.

Georgia Perimeter College opened as DeKalb College in 1964. For the past 50 years, GPC has expanded its network and made multiple interior and exterior changes.

Traditionally, colleges have one visionary leader. GPC will have two visionary leaders. They are President Mark Becker and President Rob Watts.

During the event, Watts spoke about the changes that have occurred at GPC over the years. He also went into detail about future changes that will take place as the mold of the consolidation take form.

Becker spoke about the possibilities that could happen when GPC consolidates with GSU. He mentioned how important it is for students to take advantage of their education and for staff to assist students in finding their desired career path.

“We have a shared commitment to demonstrate to this nation that all students will be successful,” said Becker.

The consolidation with GSU will impact GPC’s graduation rates. GSU has been the only university to eliminate any decrease in graduation rates. Both colleges will continue to push the students to ascend towards success.  

GPC’s Admission recruiter, Donna Frazier who has been employed at GPC for ten years, elaborated on what will happen when the consolidation occurs.

“I hope that we can all operate within our roles to help the President’s vision come to manifestation. I think there will be a higher enrollment, higher retention, more transfers and a broad career opportunity for students when we consolidate with GSU,” said Frazier.

GSU could potentially introduce a variety of resources to GPC that will be great assets to both of the colleges.

“Georgia State has a tremendous commitment to student success and college completion. It will be highly beneficial to Perimeter College students to have the infrastructure and resources behind them as well,” said Patricia Gregg, associate director for Assessment at GPC.

Dr. Ingrid Thomas, Interim V.P. of Academic affairs, who has been employed at GPC for fifteen years says, “The retention and graduation rates has been something that we have struggled with for years. Georgia State will be coming in with a lot of experience in those areas that we could use to positively impact our students at Georgia Perimeter College.”

The convocation enlightened the GPC alumni on the possibilities and the vision of what will happen in the future with GSU combines. From the looks of things, GPC and GSU students are on a road to success and are ready for many more opportunities to come.

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