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Governor Nathan Deal
Governor Nathan Deal

Move on When Ready Law Removes Barrier Off Dual Enrollment Programs

Governor Deal introduced a new law named the Move on When Ready Act that focuses on existing dual enrollment programs (Accel, HOPE Grant for dual enrollment and Move on When Ready). The Senate Bill was signed on April 30, 2015 and went into effect on July 1, 2015. The law assists students that are a part of the programs with eliminating student fees and book costs for the entire school year. The multiple dual enrollment programs are being combined into one program with one funding source which will benefit students and parents by allowing them to enroll in college courses while attending in high school without worrying about expenses.

Gina Gavin, director of Early College Programs and Academic Initiatives at Georgia Perimeter College believes the law will be helpful to dual enrollment students.

“It gives students the opportunity to be successful without financial burden to their family. The law also provides the students the ability to learn what the expectations are of a post-secondary institution,” said Gavin.

Georgia Perimeter College currently has the largest number of Move on When Ready students in the state for two-year and four-year institutions. There are currently 1,270 students attending GPC for the Fall 2015 semester. The program allows students to jump-start post-secondary school work while attending high school. Students that participate in Move on When Ready will receive high school and college credit concurrently that they can earn a two-year degree with or transfer the credits to another postsecondary institution.

According to Khatiana Lejeune who is a second year DECA student and a political science major, the new law will give students less worries and encourage them to focus on their academics more.

Lejeune said, “I am grateful that the law is in effect for the reason that it will allow my family and I to not worry about extra expenses or costs. Some DECA students’ families cannot afford to participate in the program, so this takes a relief off of not just students but families as well.”

The Georgia Student Finance Commission will manage the program regulations and supplement information. State appropriations and post-secondary institutions will provide the funding for the program. There is not a limit to the number of courses or hour a student takes per term. Move on When Ready pays per hour up to 15 hours each semester at any eligible post-secondary institution in the state of Georgia. Students enrolled in the program are aided the money to cover the $50.00 student fee and $25.00 per semester hour book fees under any circumstances.

Kharina Scrubb, second year DECA student, foreign language major said, “The new law gives students an incentive for the reason that they can go to college for free while in high school. I think the results that state are getting from us making good grades shows that we are hardworking individuals although we are in high school. Low income students are given the chance to prove themselves academically without any distractions financially.”

With the new Move on When Ready law taking effect the population MOWR students will continue to increase by Fall-Spring 2016. The program will motivate other students to join the program and get a jump start on their future.

For more information on MOWR act, check out the resources below.



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