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Atlanta, the millennial metropolis

Time magazine names Atlanta second best city for millennials to live

Most young people dream of living comfortably with their dream job, but most will have a humble transition into independence. This is why research on the cost of living in a different place can be crucial to those who have options about where they will live, but need help making a decision.

According to an article by Time magazine, Atlanta is the second best place to live, with a focus on places where numbers in jobs are expected to rise more than average. Atlanta’s job growth and relaxed efforts for easy living gained the city a place on the list of cities for millennials to live. Costs of living in different cities range widely, but are rising and can be much higher than what most young adults can afford, but cities such as Atlanta make themselves attractive to because of the cost of food, rent, and other necessities.

Important resources such as groceries, gasoline, laundromats and pharmacies are located in high concentrations across the city. There are also a considerable number of bars and restaurants, along with other fun places to gather with friends that create a vibrant nightlife.

The Collegian asked students on the Clarkston campus what they thought about living in Atlanta regarding the economy and entertainment.

“The best part is there are many sights to see,” said Farheya Robow, a freshman biology major. Such sights include the abundant movie theaters, malls, parks, and larger, more family-oriented attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.

“The cost of living is cheaper than in other states such as California, so I would say it is fairly easy to afford to live here.but the amount of homeless people in downtown Atlanta may say otherwise, just as the number of crimes that occur on a regular basis,” Robow said.

“The best [thing] about Atlanta is a good culture and the worst is class distinction in the city,” said freshman political science major Ariana Roberts.

“The best thing about Atlanta is the diversity,” said Julia Roberts, a physical therapy major. Roberts would consider Atlanta’s community and overall affordability for millennials as pluses.

The attractions in Atlanta have made a positive impression on residents, and the overall environment seems to prove itself worthy of its rank in the Time magazine article.

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