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GPC to Join GSU on top

GPC students react to Georgia State winning highly competitive grant.

Janel Davis of The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports the U.S. Department of Education awarded Georgia State University the highly competitive First in the World grant for $8.9 million. The grant was awarded to the University Innovation Alliance (UIA) partner to initiate innovation and promote higher education for all Americans. The university has been recognized for its increased graduation rates, student academic success, and its urge to encourage students to achieve.

Georgia Perimeter College will consolidate with Georgia State in 2016 and become a part of the work in progress. Students at GPC will have a higher chance of being admitted to the school and granted the option to receive their associate’s and bachelor’s degree from there.

When the Collegian asked GPC students on their opinion of how Georgia State’s grant will assist both institutions after consolidation, many felt positive about the upcoming transition.

“On campus, I see that the common areas for the students have been updated. There are rooms for students to study as well as more tutors have been provided to assist students with classwork. I think that Georgia State will continue to use the grant to improve and provide more opportunities for the students to achieve their goals on all campuses,” said Malik Christie, a computer science major on the Clarkston campus.

Georgia State will now lead the first national study, Monitoring Advising Analytics to Promote Success (MAAPS) on the behalf of 11other UIA affiliated universities. The study will be based on predictive analytics on student success where 10,000 students will experience analytic-based advising while pursuing their bachelor degree at Georgia State.

“The grant will assist with opening more programs for students at Georgia Perimeter College. People will be encouraged to enroll in school with a greater opportunity. Georgia State has been recognized for their outstanding graduation rates and academic success. After consolidation, the school will progress and positively impact students,” said Ariel Lafayette, a second year communications major on the Clarkston campus.

Georgia State is now making known its GPS Advising System that assists students with staying on track academically. The system uses 10 years of data to detect when a student is on the road to failing or taking a class unnecessary for their major. Students become aware immediately and get back on track to academic success. The system has been useful with increasing graduation rates at Georgia State. Georgia Perimeter College graduation rates will be improved after consolidation.

“The reward would be very beneficial to students. Students will be encouraged to succeed academically and career opportunities will be granted. People who didn’t do well during high school are given the chance to do better at Perimeter College. Georgia State will make it easier for students to obtain a four year degree by consolidating and sharing their academic success plan,” said Jamiya Lee, a nursing major on the Clarkston campus.

Georgia State’s partnerships and advances are on the road to excelling in all areas for students and administration.

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