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Brandon Stanton. Photo by Niyantha Shekar, link: https://flic.kr/p/kggFzx
Brandon Stanton. Photo by Niyantha Shekar, link: https://flic.kr/p/kggFzx

Humans of New York photographer is a GPC Alumni

Brandon Stanton spoke at Georgia State University on Sept. 21 about his blog, Humans of New York, and the struggles he faced to reach where he is today as a blogger and a photographer. Stanton’s journey began right here at Georgia Perimeter College.

H.O.N.Y. is a storytelling and photography-based blog that started in New York City, and has documented the stories of thousands of people. Stanton has more than 15 million people following  his Facebook page, two books published, and another one on its way to publishers in October. The former Jaguar has created a firm place for himself in social media and the public.

During his speech, he appealed to the upcoming generation to reach for their dreams, no matter how big, and encouraged each one to take the big and scary leap of faith.

When he was a student at GPC, Brandon served as the student body president while he pursued his passion for photography. Stanton had never imagined that in five years, he would be running one of the most well-known blogs in the social media world. H.O.N.Y. is not only a blog that shares stories, but has become a platform for the world to communicate kind and encouraging words to each other.

Three years after creating the blog, Stanton was invited to the United Nations and was encouraged to capture stories of humans from all over the world. This led to many people sharing their struggles which has motivated people to give heavy donations  towards the people who are in need and organizations who want to help them.

H.O.N.Y. has become a blog that brings people together and encourages them to work as a community. This past summer, Stanton was able to raise over $1 million for an organization that fights to help free people from bond labor, a modern day form of slavery.

After graduating with his degree from GPC, Stanton transferred to University of Georgia, and earned his second degree in finance. His journey has taken him to many cities before leading him to New York City to follow his passion. What a proud moment for GPC to see its alumni fulfill their dreams, and yet continue to remain humble.

Sanih Jiwani
Sanih Jiwani

Sanih Jiwani, a sophomore studying business administration, attending the conference said,

“It was amazing enough to see Brandon and hear his story, but it was indeed even more amazing to know his roots are right here in our college and our city.”


Alisha Khoja, a pre-med major, who didn’t make it to the conference, but follows HONY, was surprised. A little hesitant to begin at a community college.

Alisha Khoja
Alisha Khoja

“The kind of teachers who taught him are teaching me now. Knowing someone so wonderful went here makes all the difference, and I’m grateful I made the right, and the smart decision,”
– Alisha Khoja

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