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Public Safety stresses situational awareness to GPC

The Department of Public Safety has continued their purpose of keeping the campuses of GPC safe. Department Director Chief N.T. Marinelli, Jr. sent a memo to students, faculty, and staff on Sept. 24 reminding them to practice good situational awareness.

The memo was the first of a few general reminders that the department sends throughout the school year emphasizing the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings. It also recommends that students and faculty should have the phone number to public safety saved in their cell phones for whenever they need to call on Public Safety.

“Due to recent events in the world, like the disastrous pilgrimage and the unrest in the Middle East, all of these things are reported to public safety officials like myself from the FBI, GBI, and the Department of Homeland Security on a daily basis,” said Marinelli.

The public safety chief points out that the memo is not meant to cause any alarm on campus, but is a reminder for everyone to pay attention to what is happening in and outside of the GPC community.

“All of those information sources try to inform us of trends or behavior patterns that are coming our way. When you receive all this information you try to communicate it in a way that’s not alarming. It’s just reminding people of what situational awareness is about,” said Marinelli.

The biggest concern that Public Safety has for the wellbeing of the people on campus is that they are not using their instincts to keep themselves protected at all times, especially students. “Sometimes victims of crime never see it coming. You look around and see your fellow students walking around typing in their cell phones while they are walking and not looking where they’re going. They are preoccupied with other things and they just don’t see what you or I would see if we were just watching them just walk across the campus,” said Marinelli.

The reminders for Jaguars to keep their safety in mind is an important priority to Marinelli and the Public Safety department, and they are dedicated to let students know about news that will impact them directly. “There are times when a specific alert will be sent out like a chemical spill in the Tucker area on I-285 or a Tornado warning near a campus. If there’s a situation, like a shooter or a sexual predator on campus, everyone will know about it,” said Marinelli.

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