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Style Spotter!

Fall is here and we are off to a rainy start in the Peach State. However, I know this fall is going to be a great season in fashion for the student body at all of the GPC campuses. We will see layers, denim, trench coats, boots, and sneakers. These are a few items that will begin to trend at a few of the campuses. Here are some students that I chased down to take a picture of and style was all that I could see.

Trang Vu; Communication major, Clarkston campus. Photo by Davail Weston.
Trang Vu, Communication major, Clarkston campus. Photo by Davail Weston.

“Style is something that only you can define.” –Trang Vu

Trang Vu has her personal style down; making this look all her own. I can say that she is channeling a street wear look like something that you would see off of Tumblr. Nevertheless, she makes this look her own by keeping it minimal. She is wearing a washed denim jacket from Zara, sweatshirt, leggings, and Palladium baggy boots. She has truly captured the look of a streetwear guru.

Anthony Slay III; Communication major, Clarkston/Decatur campus. Photo by Davail Weston.
Anthony Slay III; Communication major, Clarkston/Decatur campus. Photo by Davail Weston.

“Fashion is a sense of style that everyone should have. A rich that can never be robbed or bankrupt. Fashion is also diverse and way more ethnic than I thought.” –Anthony Slay III

Once again, we have another student here at the Clarkston campus that is rocking streetwear. A look that can be found on social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram. Slay has taken the concept and put his own personal touch on it. He gives us a bomber jacket, destructed black skinny jeans, and Stan Smith Adidas. I wonder what else he will show us this fall.

 When it comes to streetwear and sportswear, it’s hard to keep the concept apart from others because you may find yourself seeing double. However, these are my three tips for avoiding this. Tip one, avoid looking like your doppelgänger. Tip two, always have a statement piece. This item could be shoes or a bag. This item will set you apart from anyone around you, because it’s what people will see when it comes to your outfit. Tip three: confidence, confidence, confidence. Personal style is nothing without confidence and feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing. That’s how you make your outfit stand out. It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it. Follow these three simple tips and you’ll be good for anything that comes your way.


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