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Beyoncé takes on police brutality

Feb. 7, also known as Super Bowl Sunday, was a day filled with competition, music, live performances and controversy. However, much of the controversy surrounds Beyoncé and her provocative half-time performance. The singer was dressed in a jacket that resembled the iconic musician Michael Jackson. Her backup dancers consisted of African American women who danced in “Formation”, with Afros and uniforms that mirrored those of the Black Panthers. The singer performed her highly debated single Formation, which she released the day before. The song discussed 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, the Black Lives Matter movement, along with police brutality. Which according to copcrisis.com, 1,205 Americans were killed by police officials as of last year? In addition according to the U.S Department of Justice, 84 percent of officers witnessed their fellow officers use more force than necessary. and 61 percent of officers reported that they do not always report serious cases of abuse by fellow officers.

“I loved her performance. I love the fact that these celebrities in high places are finally using their talents to speak out about what’s going on in America, and I liked how she made a reference to the Black Panthers,” said Mikayla Burnery, a criminal justice major on Clarkston campus. However, a Tennessee Sheriff was not too pleased, according to nbcnews.com. On Feb. 16, Robert Arnold, the Tennessee Sheriff proposed that the recent increase in attacks towards police officials is due to her scandalous half-time performance. According to The Washington Post, on Monday, February 8th Rudy Giuliani, a former Republican politician, described Beyoncé’s performance as being “outrageous” and an “attack on police”. Along with Representative Pete King tweeting “Beyoncé Formation video & #SB50 act was anti-police, shameful. Repeats big lie of Michael Brown innocence. Cops deserve support not criminals”. Then on February 8th political commentator Michelle Malkin tweeted “Cuz nothing brings us all together better than angry @Beyonce shaking her ass & shouting “Negro” repeatedly. #sb50”.

“Beyoncé did nothing wrong. So what if she highlighted on the Black Panthers, nobody should have a problem with her embracing her culture and history.”  said Joshua Bellemy, a psychology major on the Clarkston campus.

“As a celebrity it is your right to speak on what is going on in the news. It is a great way to show and tell people what you think about what is happening in the world,” said Evangelina Buteau, a psychology major on the Clarkston campus.

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