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New Anthropology club hits the new GSU Dunwoody campus

Since the consolidation between GPC and GSU, new things have approached the different campuses. Out of all the things that have improved, the added clubs in student life stick out the most. The anthropology club is one of those clubs that gives students the ultimate opportunity to learn something new and unexpected. It also gives students interested in anthropology more experience in this field.

Anthropology gives people a chance to find out what is really the difference between many cultures in the world and what they all have in common. The subject goes much more in depth with different types of anthropology. It consists of physical and biological, anthropology which includes biological differences. Another form of anthropology is linguistic, which focuses on social dimensions. Archaeology, which discusses humans and cultures in earlier times. Last, but not least, applied anthropology, which gives people ideas of social change in the world.

“It’s a very broad field, and can cover anything that is related to people in some way, such as politics, economics, religion, food, race, social class, and environmental policies.” said Megan Parker, the club’s advisor.

The club officially started at the beginning of the semester after receiving approval in December 2015. For its first semester at the Dunwoody campus of GSU, the anthropology club gives students a chance to go in depth not only with cultures, but with getting to know new people with similar interests.

“As a club, we are planning fun events for students to learn about anthropology outside of the classroom,” said Parker. The club also plans to have more events like Food Fridays, where the group goes to different restaurants to try foods from different cultures, screening films and documentaries about those cultures and visiting archaeological sites and museums.

“The great thing about anthropology is that a basic knowledge of it can provide students with a lot of useful skills.” said Parker. The advisor also added that anthropology requires “creative problems-solving skills” when social dilemmas are being exposed and should contain diverse, unbiased solutions. This also creates the opportunity for students that want to get to know about different backgrounds and ways to be able to adapt to these different cultures worldwide.

Angelique Stainrod, the vice president of the club, also gave me her experience on joining the anthropology club. “Mostly, I’ve learned better time management and how to be a team member, I’ve learned a lot about different cultures, and how awesome they are,” said Stainrod. When Stainrod was asked what she would like to do with the knowledge she has gained, “I want to become an anthropologist actually, I changed my major to anthropology. Originally, I was a history major and after taking Intro to Anthropology I realized that I wanted to be an anthropologist,” said Stainrod. The vice-president also described her time in the position as “the best experience ever” and that it helped her make new friends that all have a common goal.

To join the club and have a better understanding about each and every culture, participate in community service events and have a great experience exploring new things, contact the advisor, Megan Parker at megan.parker@gpc.edu. Also, you can contact the vice president, Angelique Stainrod at Angelique_stainrod@yahoo.com.

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