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Photo by Tosin Ogunnoiki
Photo by Tosin Ogunnoiki

Some Pain and All Gain

Students and faculty are in a pickle of inconvenience with renovations to the Health, Wellness and Recreation Center underway at the Clarkston campus. Anticipation for the new recreation center is high, but the patience of some students at Clarkston is already wearing thin.

Kat Jones, psychology major on the Clarkston campus, is dealing with the annoyance of encountering construction as part of her school schedule. “It’s a good idea, but terrible timing in the middle of the semester. I have a P.E. class and they’re blocking me from my grade,” said Jones, “They could try to work when there are not as many classes going on here. They could have started construction during winter break when there wasn’t anyone here anyway.”

Photo by Tosin Ogunnoiki
Photo by Tosin Ogunnoiki

The headaches of the renovations were also felt by Clarkston Wellness Center Coordinator Robert Edwards.“We knew we had to make some decisions about the services we offer. Knowing the large amount of students [who] use those services, we began looking for alternate sites for those students to use,” said Edwards.

Edwards and the Clarkston health and wellness staff moved the equipment from their weight and cardio exercise room to the downstairs offices of the CG building. Thanks to the help of the physical education program, the wellness center is still offering services for weight training and cardiovascular exercises as well as regularly scheduled fitness classes.

Renovations are expected to be completed in July, and the newly renovated rec center is scheduled to open in August. The wellness center will operate during its regular hours, Monday through Thursday, 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., in the downstairs of CG building in the meantime.

Despite the change in scenery, the temporary move has not stopped students like undeclared major Dan Jamison from stopping by to get his workouts in between classes. “It’s a pretty laid back environment. The staff is friendly, and they have a good weight training facility for endurance and weight training,” Jamison said.

Jamison does not feel that the interruption in his daily routine is  a big deal and welcomes the changes coming to the rec center.  “It’s in the same building; it might be a small inconvenience if you count the stairs, but not much of one. I’m glad that they’re ripping up the hardwood floor for the basketball court. When they lay down the hardwood, it should be a good environment to play in, and I’m looking to get some buckets.”

According to Edwards the changes to the Clarkston rec center include an expansion to the weight room, an improved recreation room, and a new floor and basketball hoops for the gym.

“Our main mission is to serve the students because our funding comes from the student activity fees. An improvement to the facilities would allow a better variety of services for the students. We can provide more fitness classes and activities for the students.”

The changes to the wellness center are highly anticipated and appear to be welcomed by staff and students on the Clarkston campus. The pains caused by renovations are being endured by everyone until then.

“The students deserve our best, and when we can provide a quality facility where students feel they can be a part of and engage with the staff and their friends, I think it’s very important we provide that for the students. Now that we’re in this position, I am very excited for the students, my staff and my faculty,” said Edwards.

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