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World Stop…Carry On!

People everywhere are still trying to mend their broken internet thanks to Queen Bey. She has managed to get the attention of the world once again by releasing one of the most controversial songs in 2016.

Although the song’s lyrics and its visuals don’t quite add up to some, you’ve got to admit that her song “Formation” had you running to your mobile devices and laptops to see what had the world going crazy. Many people thought they were just witnessing another marketing stunt to get fans to buy concert tickets, but not everyone was convinced.

“I think it was a way to shed light on police brutality as well as criticism of women’s hair when she references liking her afro, etc. With the amount of money and influence she has at this point she doesn’t need something to promote her concert. I think it was more about making a statement on the biggest sports stage.” Nii-Kotey Neequaye, GSU Atlanta campus.

In just four minutes and 52 seconds Beyoncé shed light on important topics like police brutality (Hands Up, Don’t Shoot), acceptance of black features, unsolved murders of African Americans and black unity. She even starts her video by bringing Hurricane Katrina back to our remembrance.

According to Genius.com, in the beginning of the video we can hear the voice of Messy Mya, an internet comedian, asking us “Whatever happened at the New Wil’ins?”Mya was shot and killed in 2010 and his murder was never solved. Also, that is a question that many people wanted to have answered by the government. This just proves how laced with messages this song really is.

Not only did this song flood the internet, but it also made its way to the world’s largest stage. When Beyoncé and her background dancers decided to channel their inner Black Panther, display unity between African-American women, pay homage to Malcolm X and remind police officers that people of color are more than just targets, it caused a mix of emotions across the country from pride in African-American culture to pure outrage.

“I feel as if the backlash was very normal and expected. The media is twisted. I don’t think it’s fair, she was trying to tell a message in her performance and she should be able to do that in peace.” Ayo Aderibigbe, GSU Atlanta campus, Public Relations. “Before hearing her new song, I was a fan of her music but not of her. I felt like all there was to her was her talent. After hearing Formation, I started to feel a little better about her for touching on very important subjects that aren’t brought up by many celebrities.” Aderibigbe continued.

No matter how you feel about Beyoncé, one thing is for sure. She decided to take a stand and remove the blinders off the faces of people all over the world and challenged us to stop and re-evaluate the world we live in.

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